Ghost Dancer

Min. Invest $8,000,000
Target Hold 18 mo
Annualized Returns 120%
100% Funded

Project Summary

The Ghost Dancer is a timeless story that transcends the film and music industry; Bridging the racial divide and by pairing some of the finest talent from our generation with the brilliant music and dance of a magical time (1920’s and 30’s in Harlem). It follows the life of one of the most important people to ever touch the dance world, Buddy Bradley. His Rise In the dance world and his battle with race, love and mobsters.

Investment Type: Term: Raise Amount: IRR:
Preferred Equity
18 Months $8,000,000 120%

The Project

Our current film, Ghost Dancer, the BUDDY BRADLEY story is a BIOPIC on Buddy Bradley, who was the famous dancer behind many Famous Hollywood Legends and Best Friend and Teacher to the one and only Legendary Fred Astaire and Actress Lucille Ball. And he just so happened to be Black.

Buddy worked on several films in America and 12 films in London as the Dance Choreographer, but still never received the credit he deserved. 

Remember, this was the 1920 - 1930's. Buddy was popular and well known in the industry but not as Famous as he wanted. He was also not Brave and Foolish during that time as well, since he was having an Affair with the New York Mayor at that time Jimmy Walker's wife and ex showgirl Betty Compton.

When Jimmy found out it was World War 2 before the actual start of World War 2. Jimmy had his Mob friend and owner of the Cotton Club Owney Madden have his goons beat Buddy to near death and continue to do so until Buddy moved to London for a few years.


James John Walker, often known as Jimmy Walker and colloquially as Beau James (June 19, 1881 – November 18, 1946), was mayor of New York City from 1926 to 1932. A flamboyant politician, he was a liberal Democrat and part of the powerful Tammany Hall machine. During a corruption scandal he was forced to resign.

Owen Vincent Madden, known as Owney Madden and nicknamed "The Killer" (December 18, 1891 – April 24, 1965) was a leading underworld figure in Manhattan, most notable for his involvement in organized crime during Prohibition. He also ran the famous Cotton Club and was a leading boxing promoter in the 1930s.[1]

Madden and his former gang rival turned partner, Big Frenchy De Mange (George Fox DeMange), began to open or acquire some of the flashiest speakeasies and nightclubs of the era, most notably the legendary Cotton Club.

Madden purchased the Club Deluxe from former Heavyweight Boxing Champion Jack Johnson and reopened it a year later. Nightclub patrons flooded into Harlem from downtown Manhattan to catch performers such as Cab Calloway, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Lena Horne, Bill "Bojangles" Robinson and the Nicholas Brothers. Madden and his partners, Big Bill and Big Frenchy, also muscled their way into a piece of the exclusive Stork Club, where the influential gossip columnist Walter Winchell held court and everyone who was anyone wanted to see and be seen.  Madden  also gained recognition for his revenge tactics and payoffs of City Hall.[4] 

We are the ONLY Producers with the RIGHTS from the Bradley family (Buddy's Wife) who are allowed to Develop/Produce this film.  We have a copy of the Rights Document as well.

We currently have the legendary and talented Producer/Actress/Director Penny Marshall on board the film.  As you know Penny, has Produced and Directed countless films grossing over $100 Million Dollars at the box-office.
We also have the talented and former WME agent now Award-Winning Producer of Fences, Charles King on as our Film Advisor.
Myself Wayne Johnson, along with my producing partners Riche Productions, Bride Wars with Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway, Family Man with Nicholas Cage, Starsky & Hutch with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, Deep Blue Sea with Samuel L Jackson, Duets with Gwyneth Paltrow.

SOUTHPAW, which was Directed by Antoine Fuqua, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Rachel McAdams, Naomie Harris, and Forest Whitaker and Warner Brothers's Tarzan film Directed by David Yates, starring Samuel L Jackson and Margot Robbie.

We have Film, Television, and Video Director Bryan Barber on board to Direct and lead the helm of our Wonderful, Talented and Bankable Cast of Actors.
We also have the Outstanding and Talented actor Michael K Williams (Boardwalk Empire, The Wire) on board to act in the Role of Billy Pierce the Dance Teacher.
We have met with in person and spoken directly to Actors Jeremy Renner to play James Jimmy Walker, Forest Whitaker, Michael B. Jordan, and Jamie Fox about the film. All have read the script, checked out the Sizzle Trailer we shot and researched the Life of Buddy Bradley, and are All Interested in helping us move this project forward in a Major Way.
We have spoken to Jeremy on several occasions at his home and by phone about the Role and he/we strongly believe he's the one to pull off the Role of Jimmy Walker.
We are also in Direct and constant contact with WME Talent Agent Brandt Joel (thanks to Charles) to Attach Justin Timberlake on for the role of Fred Astire. He's ready to sign once we are ready to proceed forward.
And, we are currently in talks with Manager Warren Binder to Attach the up and coming talent Ellijah Kelley, who can Act and Dance, and who is well know from such films as Lee Daniel's The Butler, Red Tails, The New Edition Story, The Wiz, and Hairspray.

Advantages of Investing

120% of investment than 50/50 split with producers after deducting any deferred fees or outstanding expenses, the Producer’s Gross Income will do directly to the limited partners proportionate to each partner’s investment. Moneys will be disbursed to all limited partners at the same time. Accounting statements from distribution companies are usually handled on a quarterly basis for the first two years of the distribution agreement, and semi-annually thereafter for a period of two years. Accounting statements are then handled on an individual basis. Generally, the distribution company is responsible for providing statements and paying any sums due to the production company within sixty days of the end of each quarter. The company will provide the limited partners with accounting statements and payments due and owing, if any, within sixty days of the receipt of those statements and moneys from the distributor. After each limited partner has recouped his/her initial investment, any additional moneys earned will be divided between the producers and the Limited partners on a 50/50 basis.

Financial Summary

100% equity plus 20% Tax Credit.

Financial Sources

Three Point Capital, Aperture Media Partners, City Bank Beverly Hills $8,000,000

Financial Uses

Production $8,000,000

Ghost Dancer

Ghost Dancer

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