Min. Invest $15,000,000
Target Hold 18 mo
Annualized Returns 120%
100% Funded

Project Summary

Leverage, is a story about an investment banker who finds his life coming apart when a money deal goes wrong and he is set up for murder.

Investment Type: Term: Raise Amount: IRR:
Preferred Equity
18 Months $15,000,000 120%

Why Invest?

120% of Investment then 50/50 split with Producers After deducting any deferred fees or outstanding expenses, the Producer’s Gross Income will go directly to the limited partners proportionate to each partner’s investment. Moneys will be disbursed to all limited partners at the same time. Accounting statements from distribution companies are usually handled on a quarterly basis for the first two years of the distribution agreement, and semi-annually thereafter for a period of two years. Accounting statements are then handled on an individual basis. Generally, the distribution company is responsible for providing statements and paying any sums due to the production company within sixty days of the end of each quarter. The Company will provide the limited partners with accounting statements and payments due and owing, if any, within sixty days of the receipt of those statements and moneys from the distributor. After each limited partner has recouped his/her initial investment, any additional moneys earned will be divided between the producers and the Limited partners on a 50/50 basis.

Financial Summary

50% Equity ($7.5 Million Dollars), 20% Tax Credits, 30% Pre-Sales 

Financial Sources

Three Point Capital, Aperture Media Partners, City Bank Beverly Hills $15,000,000

Financial Uses

Development $2,500,000
Pre- Production $2,000,000
Production $8,000,000
Post- Production $2,500,000


Larry Evans, a successful investment banker on his way up the corporate ladder, finds himself fighting for his life when the deadline for returning some money he was laundering for some old friends is moved up. 

At the same time, he becomes emotionally entangled with two women who pretend to be sisters. One of them is married to a wealthy doctor who schemes with them to collect insurance money by faking his own death and having Larry imprisoned for a murder that was never committed. Larry discovers their plot and fights the clock to turn the tables on them and pay off his debt. 


The second act introduces DR. CHARLES CALVERT. He is one of Larry’s biggest clients and also happens to be the husband of Jessica unbeknownst to Larry. Larry is flabbergasted and breaks off the relationship with Jessica. However, Charles introduces Larry to Jessica’s sister SANDRA. 

She is also another model type and they hit it off and start dating. Larry is infatuated with her and which helps him deal with the Russo situation. Larry falls in love with Sandra and everything is going well until Jessica knocks on Larry’s door and he discovers that Charles beats her and that she wants to have him killed. He is shocked at first, but Sandra convinces him that it wouldn’t be a bad idea and that he would get enough money to pay the Russo brothers. 


Act three introduces DET. VAN TASSLE and DET. JONES. They are assigned to Charles’ case. They find Larry’s prints on the boat and ask him some questions. He lies about not being on the boat and claims that he and Charles are not good friends. They go to Jessica and ask her some questions and she claims that Larry was jealous of Charles and that he wanted Jessica for himself. 

They go to the firm and arrest him. He loses his job, but knows he has to prove his innocence. Meanwhile, it is discovered that Jessica and Sandra are lovers. It appears they were using Larry to get to Charles’ money. Larry follows Jessica and starts to figure it out. He finds two plane tickets for Paris and is about to confront them when he gets hit on the head. He is tied up and awakes to see Sandra and Charles. Charles explains that they set Larry up and killed Jessica so that Sandra and he could be together. 

They are about to kill Larry when the Russo brothers’ show up looking for their money from Larry. There is a brawl and Larry kills Charles. In the end, the Russo’s get their money and Larry is able to clear his name and live a good life. 

He begrudgingly accepts and goes to kill Charles, but it is too late. Charles’ body is gone and there is only blood on his robe. Larry panics and leaves. 

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